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Jazz with Dee Alexander
Monday-Thursday: (9P.M.-12A.M.) & Friday: (1A.M.-6.A.M.)

Dee Alexander is one of Chicago’s most gifted and respected vocalists/songwriters. Her musical interests span virtually every genre, especially those related to the African diaspora, including Gospel, R&B, Blues, Neo-soul and other musical forms. Her true heart and soul though, are ultimately expressed in their purest form through her explorations in Jazz, the one idiom that can encompass all her interests and influences. Ms. Alexander gravitated toward this musical form at an early age. She names Sarah Vaughan, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone and Ella Fitzgerald among her many major influences. Chicago saxophonist “Light” Henry Huff, as well, profoundly influenced her by encouraging the taking of risks and the crossing of boundaries, setting her on a path to emerge as one of the most celebrated vocal improvisers on the scene today. From a sultry traditional ballad to a contemporary jazz-funk groove, a high-flying swing, or scat-filled romp, Alexander delivers each style with a passion and love of music that comes across in each and every note, and with a style and grace that is truly her own.