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Jazz with Dave Schwan
Monday-Thursday: (12A.M.-3A.M.) & Saturday: (1A.M.-6.A.M.)

A broadcast journalist and program host for nearly 40 years, Dave Schwan has had a life-long fascination with the history of Jazz, American music and their contributions to the world.  He believes that Jazz is a true art form and agrees with Duke Ellington’s dictum: “If it sounds good, it is good.” Thanks to musical family members at his Northwest Indiana childhood home, Dave has been around music all of his life, and was exposed to Jazz as early as age five. Dave has been associated with Chicago’s WFMT 98.7FM since 2010. In addition to being a musician himself, travel is one of his main interests and has taken him to all 50 states, Europe and Peru.  Along with taking in the history of these places, Dave has always made a point to seek out their musical culture as well, something he believes never fails to enhance a journey anywhere in the world.