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Kurt Vile, 'Like Exploding Stones'

Listening to Kurt Vile's "Like Exploding Stones" — from his forthcoming album (watch my moves) — is like falling down the rabbit-hole. Through the song, you're treated to the surrealistic, psychedelic mind and sounds of his trippy universe.

In the Sean Dunne-directed music video, we meet a guitar-wielding Vile under a bright blue sky and a bridge that says "Welcome to Philadelphia." Vile then beams into the center of the Rolling Thunder Rolling Rink in Philly as dancing skaters circle a stack of Marshall amps that spell out the initials of his name.

The seven-minute "Like Exploding Stones" is awash in highly textured guitars and synths, but towards the middle of the song, saxophonist James Stewart of the Sun Ra Arkestra — in full Arkestra garb — blows an accompaniment against Vile's guitar feedback. It's magical and meditative.

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