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Songs of regret form their own subgenre within popular music, but only so often does a simple tune capture the nonlinear way memory forms and solidifies, both magnifying and distorting trauma's remnants within the psyche. Fingerpicking singer-songwriter Ruby Landen captures pain's subconscious evolution perfectly in "Front Teeth," a solo track recorded after the release of her haunting 2021 album Martyr, well. "It's getting to be this time last year again," Landen trills in the voice of a lonely woman, once a girl.

Two Shell, 'home'

3 hours ago

Rising U.K. duo Two Shell's "home" isn't technically new — as a vinyl-only release from last year, it popped up in DJ sets by Four Tet and Ross from Friends. Officially available to stream last week, "Home" is a slippery dance track that fizzes over with energy like a vigorously shaken soda bottle. The duo shred a sample of CHINAH's gloomy, 2015 indie-pop song "Away From Me" into ribbons of cartoonishly-pitched, vocal confetti, filling the track with frenzied breakbeat and bubbly, "Percolator"-style synths.

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Guitarist Don Wilson has died at the age of 88. He co-founded the 1960s surf-rock group known as The Ventures.


TACOMA, Wash. — Don Wilson, co-founder and rhythm guitarist of the instrumental guitar band The Ventures, has died.

He was 88.

Wilson died Saturday in Tacoma of natural causes, surrounded by his four children, The News Tribune reported.

The band's hits included "Walk, Don't Run," and the theme song for "Hawaii Five-O." They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2008.

Tom Smith, a relentless musical experimenter and prominent figure in the international noise scene for decades, died on Jan. 20 in Hanover, Germany. He was 65. His partner, Claudia Franke, confirmed to NPR that the cause was colon cancer.

A lot of us have spent more time than ever in front of screens these past, oh, 22 months. And some us have had to cry for help occasionally.

Information technology workers may be today's seafarers over oceans of encoded information. Vital, but often anonymous voices. Essential, but often unseen.

We thought people might better appreciate those who defend our databases and keep our VPNs vibrant if we set their trials and triumphs to music. Like sailors with their sea shanties.

The Venezuelan group C4 Trio has taken the national instrument of their homeland, the four-string cuatro, to new heights. They've recorded seven albums, collaborated with singer Rubén Blades and, in 2019, won two Latin Grammys for their album with salsa singer Luis Enrique, Tiempo al Tiempo.

The jazz and lounge music world has lost one of its most iconic personalities. Marty Roberts — one half of the married lounge act "Marty & Elayne" died last week, at 89.

For decades, the duo performed five to six nights a week — Marty on drums and vocals, Elayne on piano and flute.

They were fixtures at the Los Angeles bar and restaurant The Dresden Room — with its retro red booths and stiff cocktails — where they played an eclectic mix of jazz standards, original numbers and their own twists on pop hits.

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The jazz and lounge music world has lost one of its most iconic personalities. Marty Roberts, one half of the married lounge act Marty & Elayne, died last week at 89.